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So where do we begin?

Our founder, Eliott Dupuy, began making websites at 14. A time when the internet
wasn’t a money-making powerhouse. No traffic, no leads. Just something
he made out of curiosity…. 
And fell in love with.It took him
years of studying and freelancing to master his craft. What started as a hobby
grew into a
mission (and passion): To lead any business from zero to hero.
This story isn’t about us. It’s about you.

Dive into the lion’s den…
We know how tough it is to run a business. I mean, we’re not new to the digital savannah. One of the biggest challenges for a business is to get noticed. It’s a competitive marketplace out there. A lot of companies are offering the same products. Doing the same strategies. How do you stand out from the noise? We’ve seen so many agencies offer empty promises to business owners. Think, marketing fluff. Bells and whistles. Algorithms? Click through rates? Most business owners don’t even know what these words mean. Do they really matter to people? We realized the number of migraines faced by clients everyday from so-called experts.

Clients are fed up of seeing agencies fail at what they should do best:
Generate tons of revenue.
You don’t need to waste time and money on band-aid solutions. What you really need is someone who can walk the shoes of your business. Your customers.
Lions Creative was born to save clients and customers alike. We take out your marketing monsters, so you can be the king of your niche. From boring campaigns, clueless freelancers and old fashioned agencies… you name it, we’ll squash it.
We’re a team of decision makers, problem solvers, innovators, 

brand-builders, action-takers, data detectives and website wizards dedicated to your success. Our lions have built hundreds of websites, created blogs for millions of visitors, built email lists of more than four hundred million people. They’ve also developed
We like to get the job done right. That’s why every solution   Whether you’re a big business or a start-up, there’s always something new we offer to every client. Think of tech + marketing and a whole lot of lion personality. More listening, less talking.
We are proud to manage more than 30 client accounts and employ more than 10 outstanding lions worldwide.  — revise later


We have awesome team dynamics
Lions don’t fight alone, they fight in packs. Neither do they walk with dogs, they walk alongside fellow lions. The same goes for us. 
Our teamwork does the dream work. Work always starts and ends with our team. We’re a young, talented bunch from all over the globe sharing the same vision. Each lion has something special and unique to bring to the table.Our diverse backgrounds allows us to learn from each other’s experiences. We support one another’s strengths to get the job done. Another added bonus? Time-flexibility. We’re online 24/7! The differences in our time zones mean there’s always a head-strong lion working for you. You’ll love working with us. Our work is excellent.  And our staff? Literally world class.


Eliott Dupuy

Co-founder / CEO

Kevin Crupi

Co-founder / Coo

Yann Meyer

Business development

Jonathan Chua

Seo expert

Jo Raharison

Content creator
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We’re adaptable

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” — Charles Darwin

Survival in this digital savannah means outsmarting every competitor. Just how a lion uses its instincts to thrive in the wild.  It hunts on whatever resource is available to them. 

We align our strategies to your business needs. But here’s the thing. Not every idea will go as planned. And when that happens, our team is prepared to bounce back. We’re always learning and growing so we adjust quickly to change. Trust us when we say that we always find a way.

Marketing isn’t a one-size fits-all sort of thing. Meaning to say, what worked for this brand might NOT work for yours. Don’t you want to be different?

Our team has built unique tools for our clients to give them a competitive edge in the market. What’s our magic? A dash of experience, a pinch of  science and a sprinkle of creativity.

We’re fully committed to your success

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to big market players. As your digital partner, we take full responsibility of your brand.  Part of this is getting to know YOU, your competitors and the community you care about. 

Lions stalk their prey, waiting for the right moment before they attack. Our lions have a love for data and fresh ideas. We research thoroughly before we launch something.

So, we focus on asking the crucial questions that lets us develop the perfect strategy to crush your competition. And we’re not afraid of trying new ways to get you winning results.

We’re straightforward

We’ve heard of so many clients unhappy with the way their agency communicates with them. How they keep customers guessing with incomplete reports. Maybe the lack of updates or replies.

We hear you. Trust us, nobody wants to feel ignored. Or confused.  Here at Lions Creative, we value communication – team or client. This means we’re not just going to bring you the revenue you deserve. Part of the job is keeping you informed about all the crucial what’s, how’s and whys. 

What’s going ON? What results are we seeing? How are we going to keep this up? Why should we be doing this strategy?

We don’t speak marketing-fluff here. We’re totally transparent about what we do, so you can step back and relax while we build your brand.

That's what we do !

Let’s cut to the chase.

Start to growth your business
Work with the Lions !