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Content Marketing



Did you know that content marketing can be a blockbuster hit for your business?


In a world where brands fight over their rightful place on top of every search engine, the battle is no longer about links and keywords. Want to be ahead of the curve (and fast)? Then it’s time for you to start creating your own brand voice.


  • Conversion is 6X higher for brands who embraced content marketing. 
  • It’s costs 3X less than traditional marketing. 
  • With 3X the amount of leads. 


Think of it this way. Your customers are hungry lions waiting for the right content.

Content Marketing, so are you feeding your readers what they want to hear? 

Or are you giving them what YOU want them to hear? 




You’re in the right place if you want to:

  • Build and grow your community
  • Attract the right audience to your website
  • Optimize content so your customers see YOU on the search engine and not your competitors
  • Drive revenue to your business
  • Encourage more people to actively share and comment on your posts
  • Be seen as the most trusted figure in your niche

At Lions Creatives, we don’t write what sells. 

We create Content Marketing that solves problems. 


Our agency focuses on serving high-quality content to your audience. Stories that speak directly to your mind. That’s why every piece we create for your business is a well-researched masterpiece. 


And by this, we mean really knowing your customers from the inside and out. 


What keeps them up at 12 am? 


What do they like to talk about?


Our team of experienced writers and SEO-specialists can create a winning strategy for you brand. 


Tell us what you need and we’ll cook up something that fits your marketing goals. Content that shows the real value you bring to the table. Now, sit back and watch your conversions go up.


What Is Content Marketing?


So, you may be wondering:

If a website is the virtual storefront of your business, then what about Content Marketing?


Content is the core of everything we do online. The information you create and share on the internet. It comes in many different forms.


Think blogs, e-books, infographics, YouTube videos and tweets. 


Content is everywhere. In fact, it’s the reason why people are searching in the first place. Without content, the internet would be dead. 


Life would be boring. 


It focuses on the relationships you have with your audience. 


It takes a lot more convincing before you can start converting prospects into paying customers. Empower your customers, so they can take action. You want to inform, educate or entertain customers so they can:


Trust you enough to make them want to buy something from your brand. 


Content marketing is a cost-effective way to reach and impress people without having to meet them. Customers are now actively looking for information online before making decisions. This influences their purchasing journey. 



Now here’s the good news.


65 percent of smartphone users prefer answers they can relate with. 


They don’t care if you’re a start-up or a brick and mortar store. If you have the most valuable and accessible content out there; then you’re sure to win the hearts of your audience. 


It’s a lot like dating, really. 


You find out what your partner likes. What makes them special, or what values do you share together. Why?


Because we don’t make commitments without making real connections. 


The same goes for your customers. Humans rely on emotions to make decisions. People won’t buy your products if they feel like they can’t relate with your brand. 


Good content amplifies the reach and power of your business. 


When people like your content, they tend to share it to everyone they know. And when they do, more and more consumers become exposed to your brand. This opens a window of opportunities that can transform any business in the long run.


A single post can generate powerful reactions from users. Just imagine your articles being shared by millions of users worldwide. Those are your potential customers right there.


How Do You Write Good Content?

Asking the right questions is essential in dishing up the best, juiciest content people can enjoy reading. Here are four questions you need to think about:


Is it responsive?


Good content can market itself. Just how books become world bestsellers without you lifting a finger. The secret?


Timing. Statistics show that the internet is now the most popular source of information. When something big happens, most people will search for it on their phones ASAP. 


Which is why you have to be there for your customers, when they need you the most. Marketers need to have the eye to identify trending topics. Be the first in your niche to deliver the right answers, so your content gets the maximum spotlight.


Is it engaging?

Any article can be perfectly optimized or possess an eye-grabbing hook. But if you can’t bring your customers to care about you, then it’s not doing anything for your business.

A great message excites people. When a post is engaging, it creates buzz. It invites meaningful feedback. Healthy discussions.


Give them a reason to care.


It is reachable?


Great content is rich and shareable. The more value we give to our customers, the less selling we need to do. So when the time comes that we offer them something, they won’t think twice in swiping their credit cards for you. 


Some examples of reachable content would be DIY guides, infographics, and tutorial videos.


Is it reliable?


Remember, content marketing is centered on building trust with you audience. So you want to be as real as you can be.


Customers hate gimmicks. 


With the help of the internet, it’s easier to spot copycats and fakes. One careless move can permanently hurt your brand. 

When people trust you, they’ll keep coming back to your site to learn more.


So, whenever you post content, make sure to speak to:

  • Get real.
  • Get your facts checked.
  • Practice correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Give credit where it’s due.